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Broken In said:
how much do intel pentium D 830 n 840 processors cost?

hi guyz hey I would like to know the same plz..
Also is intel original motherboard better or
gigabyte GA 81955X
or MSI P4N diamond better or
if anyother plz do let me know
I would b thankful and also the price plz..its urgent..
Have a great day


Broken In
PLz let me know the prise of the following:
945G chipset based intel original mothr brd,
955X based motherbrd,
MSI P4N Diamond motherbrd,
Gigabyte GA81955X motherbrd,
if any other motherbrd is better thn brand name and price,
pentium D 820 , pentium D 830,pentium D 840,
P4 HT 3 Ghz, P4 HT 3.2 ghz,
1 GB corsair kingston DDR 677 Mhz Ram,
sony DRU 810 A optical drive,
HDD western DIgital caviar SE 180 GB,250 GB or
if any other brand is better then name and price..
Its urgent..thank you..


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945G chipset based intel original-6-7k
955X based motherbrd-15-16k
pentium D 820-12.5k
P4 HT 3 Ghz, P4 HT 3.2 ghz,
1 GB corsair kingston DDR 677 Mhz Ram-3.6k(not sure)
sony DRU 810 A optical drive-3.2k


Broken In
Thankx Digitized and Anirudh..can u ppl tell me which is better to go for 945G or 955X?
I am going for Pentium D it available in india if yes then the price if not then i guess I would have to go for D 820..also I would like advice on Grafic Gard if u can suggest something on it..I dont mind spending if its worth...thankyou plz do reply soon.. :D


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955 is much better then 945g performance wise,but 955 dun hav onboard grapix where as 945g has.but as u r gonna get a good gpu then it isnt a problem but the difference between both the mobo is almost 8k.the best gpu available in the market is 7800GTX which costs 33k,then 6800GT-22k>6800GS-15k>6600GT-9k.u can go for leadtek or XFX brand gpu.


The Hardware Labs
some corrections,

1 GB corsair kingston DDR 677 Mhz Ram-3.6k(not sure)
Kingston DDR2 667 Mhz 1GB is for around 7-8k

the best gpu available in the market is 7800GTX which costs 33k,then 6800GT-22k>6800GS-15k>6600GT-9k.u can go for leadtek or XFX brand gpu.

U forgot ATI completely buddy. and u also forgot 7800GT series.

Do give us your budget for the complete rig as it will be really easy for us to specify the best rig in your budget then. And specify the budget for the gpu also.


Broken In
thanks :) for the info anirudh..

Budget is 60k so plz do lemme know which r the things i should go for..m thinking of 19' LCD/TFT so plz suggest in detail n brand name and price..

Grafic card does it make that much difference performance vice that is 7800gtx and 6800gt and 6800gs and 6600GT?

K so gimme the best configuration for 60k budget...and I would be thankful :)..lemme know as soon as possible..

Thanks..Great day to u all..


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ooh yeaa mohit,tht price was for 512mb not 1GB.
@REENA ofcourse grapix card will make a lot of diff if u r a hardcore gamer or do grapix related work.for ur budget u shud atleast look for 6800GT>6800GS>X800GTO>6600GT.19''LCD monitor will cost u around 25k(not sure) which is not worth.better get a 19''CRT which shud come around 12k.


The Hardware Labs

for 60k u can go for the following,

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ S939 - 12k
Asus A8N-E - 6K
Leadtek 6800GS 256 MB DDR3 PCI-E - 15K
1GB Kingston / Corsair / Transcend DDR 400 - 5.5k
Hitachi 160GB SATA2 - 5K (not sure)
17" CRT Samsung Syncmaster 798MB - 7k
Antec 450W SMPS - 4K
Powersafe 450W - 2k
Any Cabinet with decent cooling - 1k
APC UPS 600VA - 2.5k
Sony/Benq DVD-RW - 3k
Logitech MM KB / Optical Mouse Bundle - 800/-

With the remaining u can buy speakers and other stuff. I dont think u will be able to get a good LCD monitor in 60k. I dont know if u wanted an Intel specific rig but this is the one i suggest.

Ankur Gupta

Wandering in time...
As for pentium D 830 price i guess it will be around 16-17K.i am not sure whether it is available in india or not at this moment.Even the cost of the above mentioned rig is over 60K limit.Also 160GB SATA 2 will come around 6-6.5K.if u go for antec SMPS then u have very liitle room for other things.also as u have not mentioned wat kind of graphix needs u have i guess if u are not into gamin or graphix related stuff u can scale down ur graphix card to 6600GT.tht wud be enuf and wud giv u 5K bucks xtra which u can spend on ur my final config wud be

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ - 11K
Asus A8N-E - 5.5K
Leadtek 6600 256MB GT - Rs.9K
1GB Kingston DDR 400 - 5.5K
Hitachi 160GB SATA - 5K
Antec 450W SMPS - 4K
Decent Cabinet - 1K
LiteOn/Benq DVD-RW - 3-3.5K
17" Acer/Samsung LCD - 14-15K
APC UPS 600VA - 2.5K
Keyboard and Optical Mouse of ur choice - 1K

And still u have 2-3K left with which u can buy speakers and other stuff.Also if u go for powersafe or VIP powersupply u can save another 2K.19" LCD wil come for around 18-19K which will just not fit into ur budget.i have mentioned LCD in my option just coz u wanted to go for LCD otherwise CRT still are very good and also cheaper.And drop ur idea about intel dual core rig as of now and go for AMD as it simply rocks(Just bought mine a month ago)


I am planning to get a new CPU unit.I am looking for the component
prices of these specs in PUNE :
AMD64 with compatible mobo
Decent Cabinet.
Any knows how much all this will cost.
My budget am keeping around (15-20K).

Ankur Gupta

Wandering in time...
U have not mentioned which AMD 64 procy u r talking about.seeems it will be 3500+ so i guess it will fit in ur budget but on the upper side of it.


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can nebody tell me the cost of SONY DVD WRITER. Please mention the model no also.i am planning to buy one from a hardware fare here at ahmedabad.



Ankur said:
can nebody tell me the cost of SONY DVD WRITER. Please mention the model no also.i am planning to buy one from a hardware fare here at ahmedabad.
Ankur bhai ankur bhai ankur bhai
sony dvd writer costs 3000Rs take any model :lol:


Right off the assembly line
Can anyone please tell me the price of a 512MB and 1 GB Flashdrive ?
Also , how much does 256 MB and 512 MB of SD RAM cost ? I know SD RAM is very ancient :wink: , I dont have it , it's for my friend who cant upgrade his system as of now and just wants to cram in some RAM .
Also, he has 128 MB of RAM now . Can he fit the 256 MB in or does he have to buy 2 x 128 MB ram's ?

Thanx a lot,


Broken In
Hi thanks Anirudh Ankur Mohit n Digitised
Well i guess i will have to increase the budget so will 75k be alright? or 80k?
LCD monitor i checked out View Sonic site n i read that VX 924 and VX 724 have 3ms respond rate..also i saw wide screen models which has 8ms respond rate so which is better?..
I mean of course as far as respond rate is concerned i guess 3ms better but taking into consideration looks and its use..which would be better?..
Also which brand is better..View sonic or Samsung?
I would be using my pc for..Games,saving clips from tv, inshort graphic dowloading..
Logitech Z5500 or creative megaworks 550 are this spk worth buying? they cost above 20k..though I dunno its current price..
Or is it better to go for creative 5.1 spks which come around 4.5k..
Dunno why but i can think of intel only :( coz somehow AMD i dunno..
Anyways lets see..what u all have to say..
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