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Trends have kept on changing and new trends and inventions have kept on happening. Similar is the case with that of Computer RAMs. Earlier there were RAMs available for desktop but now because of the innovations in technology Laptop RAMs are also available in the market. Som of the companies making these laptop RAM's are: Kingston, Strontium, Transcend, Corsair, etc... Let me give you some discription some of the recent laptop RAMs available in the market.

First and formost, I would like to tell you about the Kingston, HyperX Impact SO-DIMM:

HyperX Impact memory boasts the world’s fastest SO-DIMM frequency – 2666MHz – to keep you ahead of the curve and level up your game. It automatically recognises the platform it’s plugged into and auto overclocks to the highest frequency published1 (up to 2400MHz2) with no need to adjust system BIOS settings. So you get extreme performance that supports notebooks and other small form factor systems using either AMD or the latest Intel CPU technologies with no hassle at all – even if you’re a newbie.

Second in line is the Transcend, DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM:

Engineered from the ground up specifically for use in portable computers, Transcend’s notebook modules use the highest grade, brand-name DRAM chips available, which are selected only after passing of our stringent performance and stability evaluation, including rigorous testing in extreme environments. These compact memory modules offer an unrivaled level of compatibility and stability that far outclasses the competition. Suitable for use in notebooks of virtually every brand and type, Transcend memory modules are at the heart of many high-quality, extremely reliable computers. Moreover, to assure ultimate cross-platform compatibility and stability, each module is tested in many different system configurations that include mainstream notebooks and popular software programs.

Third in line is the Strontium,DDR3 8GB 1600MHz SODIMM, Notebook Memory

These high-density DDR3 modules feature a 1600MHz operating speed for multitasking, web browsing and gaming. They are fully downward compatible with 1333MHz and run at 1.5V for maximum compatibility.

If I continue the list may go on increaseing please feel free to coment or put your suggestions.


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1)Laptops don't support 2666Mhz.
2)Max I have seen in laptops is 1866Mhz in Kingston HyperX modules.
3)High frequency RAM is mostly useless for gaming.(Correct me if I am wrong)
4)There are much many more better RAM modules than Transcend, DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM especially in the low latency range such as Crucial Ballistix and G.Skill RipJaws.
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