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Hey Guys,

I am planning on buying a portable machine for mobile entertainment.

My Basic Uses :

1.Browsing Email Chatting
2.Watching TV Shows (Prison Break : House : Supernatural : Bones etc) --- 1st USE
3.Transferring data b/w me and my friends' machines. ---2ND USE
4.Basic Programming using DevC++ or MS Visual C# (free version) at best.
5.LOADS AND LOADS of downloading. (my desktop is on 24/7 (except powercuts)) --- 3RD USE

I considered the following models :

1. Acer Aspire One -- Costs 19 - 22K (linux version)
2. ASUS EEPC 1000H -- Costs 26.6 K
3. MSI Wind U100 -- Still looking for dealer in bangalore -- know for awesome battery life but low build quality.
4. Dell Vostro A860 -- Costs 28,800
5. LG ED500-L.ADM3A2 -- Costs 30 K (best config i could find for my budget)

the max i can spend is 30K+4%vat. anything going above that will be beyond my reach.

I have heard of Lenovo S10 and some other netbooks but i dont think any of them are available in India.

Please help me choose one here or if you have a better option i would be grateful for it.....thanks


Point Blanc
Aspire One or better check Comapq models, which do not come with any OS bundled.
You can get Linux distros for free.

LG is not a good choice, the price you say is 30K but on the site it is given as 32.5K
Check the laptops of Compaq C700 series
or even Lenovo 3000 G410 20495AQ.

Would not suggest LG, you do not know much about their support.
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