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Laptop Battery Not Recharging...!

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hi ppl... i have encountered a strange problem. Hope its not strange to all u ppl out there. the problem is tht my laptop battery is not recharging at all when given an AC supply. yesterday there was a power failure due to heavy rains and i was workin on my lappy. but as usual the lappy remained ON as it switched to the DC (battery) supply. i was so engrossed in work tht i used the battery fully and then after consuming the whole battery the lappy went off. Now when the power came back... the lappy's battery does not get recharged at all...!! right now i am workin solely on the AC mains. but the battery is not getting "filled up". help me guys. wat cud be the problem

my laptop is COMPAQ PRESARIO M2000


You need a new battery now. If you've used it regularly for over 1.5-2 years, chances are the thing is dead. Similar thing happened with my Acer laptop, when the battery died, I continued using it on AC power until it was too late. Some power fluctuations at my place toasted the circuitry and technicians couldn't fix it. I don't think what happened in my case would happen to you, but just to be safe get a battery.

The laptop battery comprises of a circuit and cells. If the battery is old, you can get the cell replaced and it's as good as new. But I think in your case the problem may be in logic board circuit. No way to fix it, if that's the case.
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