Kaspersky Antivirus slows down laptop


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I've got an Acer E5-575G mainstream laptop with a 7th gen i5, 8GB RAM and 940MX graphics.
And I had Kaspersky Antivirus installed on it, which had started to bogg the laptop down ever since it was installed. It made the laptop stick in boot loops and considerably slowed down its performance. I tried reinstalling it, but it didn't fix the problem.
The laptop works perfectly fine now that I've uninstalled it.

What is this matter with Kaspersky Antivirus?


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That is why it is advised to always test with a trial version of any AV software first before deciding to permanently use it.Usually any AV software on any system can issues like these.It is recommended to install AV on a clean windows install when there are no non-windows softwares on system.If your laptop came with pre-installed win 10 then most likely it also came with bloated acer programs.A favourite of laptop manufacturers is trial version of Mcafee AV which is also probably the worst software among the pre-installed programs list.These softwares sometimes require 3rd party tools to completely remove their traces from system even after uninstall as many times even their traces left behind after uninstall may cause issues with other softwares.
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