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Just Saw an ASROCK Z68 Pro Gen 3 in Nehru Place


Right off the assembly line
Was in Nehru Place in New Delhi looking for an SSD. Walked into Computer Empire and found out that they had ordered 5 units of the Asrock Z68 board.

Since I was over there last week looking for the Asus Z68 V Gen3, the guy there asked me if I thought this board was good and if he should order the 5 pieces that were available.

Considering that this board is one of the most popular Z68 motherboards out there right now, I told him that he certainly should as five pieces would fly off the shelves....

So guys this is a heads up for you at thinkdigit. You guys helped me figure out my computer, so as a gesture of my appreciation, I am giving you some good intelligence. If you are looking to get your hands on the hard to find Asrock z68 Pro Gen 3 (yup Gen3), then you know where to find it.

Anil over at Computer Empire is my contact. The price is around 10,500 INR (the exchange rates are killing us sigh) but its must cheaper than the Asus V gen 3 and much better than the Asus LE board.

The only difference between the ASrock Extreme 3 Gen 3 and the Asrock pro Gen 3 is that the latter does not support SLI/Crossfire which is fine if you want to have only one graphics card instead of two.

I snagged one of these already so I suggest you get one too. The gen 3 will keep you future proof!
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I don't buy it: The exchange rates right now are not that bad compared to two months ago. The Biostar board's prices have not shot up in comparison and if you look at Newegg, Z68 Pro3 and TZ68A+ are roughly the same price.

What your post implies is that either ASRock decided to jack up it's prices to get an extra buck, or your dealer is making a killing on that motherboard.
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