Is there any cloud backup giving this type of automatic cloud sync across devices ?


Guys, sorry to bump this but I recently saw about permanent cloud storage options.
One such option is polarbackup. You pay once and the cloud storage is yours forever.
Do you think it's better than a subscription service. Polarbackup operates on aws, so speed should not be an issue .

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Edit Question - Polar Backup Reviews?

Seems like polarbackup has got some nasty reviews
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Do you have link?

AWS charges monthly for storage, I wonder how do they pay for the storage if they charge only once?

Perhaps the cost is pretty huge.

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According to the anandtech forum post, polarbackup is pretty shady

Still 80 usd for 5 tb..


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It all depends on what is the cost for your personal data to you.
I for one, can never trust a new company with my personal data. Especially when the offer is just too good to be true.
As the reviews mentioned, they probably are using AWS cold storage which is very cheap but very inconvenient if you want to retrieve the data.
I just can't put my trust in them for life critical data.


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I suggest microsoft one drive 6TB office 365 pack for ~3400/year in amazon oct sale, you won't find anything better than this especially if you can afford it.


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OP should try MS One drive and login with same account in both computers. The file will be synced in both computers.

other alternatives are Gdrive, Dropbox etc.
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