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is that safe to buy a LED in online shopping?


Right off the assembly line
These days online shopping is very much safe but that site should be reputed site. there are lots of discounts available in the online sites you can check that and can purchase the LED.


Broken In
Part of the reason that online companies are able to sell the same product cheaply is:
a) they sell products in bulk
b) they do not have showroom/shop and overhead costs to worry about.
c) they pass on a large portion of discount they get from manufacturer to consumer.
If you are planning to buy Samsung 32EH5000 you better go to a showroom and get the physical feel of the product and then if you don’t get the same cost as online buy it online. But have you considered that Samsung is still using active technology for 3D TV; like a kid who refuses to grow up; unlike Toshiba and LG that use passive technology.
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