General Query Is a good and reliable site?


Cyborg Agent
While searching on the net, I came across this RIGASSEMBLER | Online Shopping India: BUILD PC | Buy PC hardware, peripherals & more site selling computer parts online. The head office seems to be located in Nehru Place New Delhi.

There's a phone number mentioned. I shall be calling up on that to make an inquiry, however does any one know if this is a reliable site to order computer parts online?

Has anyone ordered anything from them and how was your experience. Searching for 'rigassembler' on this forum did not return any results as such.



Cyborg Agent
I was primarily interested in buying an HDD but actually I did not opt for this site, for the following reasons

1. I found prices conflicting, a 750 GB HDD with 7200 RPM as stated on their product page was way cheaper than 500 GB 5400 RPM (How can this be possible). In my opinion such products are often lying on the shelf for too long and may not be worth it. Or it's some kind of database error.
2.Some reviews on HDD appeared misleading or confusing. Some reviews were misplaced e.g. one brand reviewed under some other or so something like that and someone mentioned as if the HDD already had some OS on it and user needed to reformat everything. I don't know if those were real or fake.

Above is just my personal opinion.
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