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Is my psu or motherboard failing?


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Today all of sudden my pc did not boot up. When I pressed power button, motherboard light was going on, CPU fans were running but pc was not booting up. USB peripherals were also not getting powered.

I tried to remove the GPU and tried to boot it. It didn't start. Same motherboard light was going on, CPU fans were running but no boot.

I tried to remove one ram, and now it started to boot up and I was able to login to windows

I re seated the ram and booted again, it was working.

I re seated the GPU and booted again, it was working. But when I connect GPU to monitor using display port it is not working, but if I use HDMI it is working. Can display port on monitor or graphic card fail. Did the cable fail?

Currently I am using pc with HDMI. I just wanted to know, if I can check if PSU if failing. Or is this something should I ignore?

Recently I bought a new keyboard. Can a keyboard cause a issue like this?


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Display signal cables like hdmi, vga, dp, dvi etc. usually don't easily fail but they can as well the ports on the monitor and graphic card. Hope you are using a good branded dp cable.

First check the graphic card. Also do mention the model of psu you have ?
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