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Is it the right time to buy the SmartWatch?

to all of you.
As you all know, there are lots of smartwatches coming in the market, I want to know Is it the right time to buy smartwatch? If yes, then which one should I go for, actually, I am interested in Samsung gear 2 that is going to be release soon, so please advice, Hope to see more from you soon.Thank You.


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Let the market settle down in terms of pricing. These are costly accessories you must wait unless you got lots of money to spend.


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id get a pebble or a krios or even sonys smart watch instead, they have better compatibility and quality unlike samsung


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My opinion:
Nope, never, there is something to this:

That this will never have:

Still, if you do want to go for it, I'd say wait a bit more, let the prices come down a bit.


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I vote against Samsung gear as they are not compatible with other devices. Sony, Pebble, Toq are compatible with all Android devices


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Smart what? Watch? :lol: God! They could've named it smart toy or something, what's the point of insulting the actual watchmakers!!

If I had to buy one, I would get that Sony first edition one, which sells for about 3 or 4k I think. The only thing I like in a smart-toy is the notification, that's ALL.

Besides, I have heard that Casio will release an Android compatible watch, if that's true or it has been released already then undoubtedly that's the one to get. Unless you earn a billion per month, I don't, so I won't :|
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if u really want a smart watch
in my experience with my cousins S4 + a sony smartwatch (he let me use it during a holiday just for fun while he used my 720)
the sony smartwatch is amazing and it cost him much much lesser than samsung galaxy gear and it was better quality,had more features etc
ive played around with my friend's note 3+ galaxy gear(cost her 65k total)
the watch was very iffy for that price and so was the phone plus she sold it to buy an HTC One now and her galaxy gear also had to be sold as it wasnt compatible
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