iPad Air


Ðèåd Måñ Wå£KîÑG

I have iphone 14 pro n Watch 8 cellular.

Planning to buy iPad Air. Would like to replace it as a laptop. Would like to clear, i only have to do basic work in lappy - browsing, word, excel etc.

Just wanted to know is it the right time to buy iPad Air? When can we expect the next release for iPad?



Diwali Shopping Festival is the perfect time to buy an iPad Air/Pro. However, in 2022, the price was quite high in India, whereas in the US, it was a great opportunity to buy, buy, buy! :hyper:
Tablets can't replace a laptop. People thought it will when tablets were trending in 2012-14 or so, but soon people realised it & tablet market plummeted significantly. It rose again after COVID, but for WFH & online education mainly.

IMO if your usage is watching videos or reading stuff mainly, tablets are a convenient device to have. Tabs aren't great for editing docs, or working in spreadsheets or making powerpoints.
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