Instructions on Motion Sensing Games on Honor View 20


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Step 1: Prepare yourself to be fully engaged!
Your mobile phone can now act as a motion sensor gaming console. Get interactive whenever you're near a TV!

Please read the following instructions carefully before you start using your mobile phone to play motion sensor games.

1. Open Google Play, search for Fancy Skiing or Fancy Darts and install.


Or, open Huawei AppGallery for regions outside China, search for Fancy Skiing or Fancy Darts and install.
2. Make sure your TV supports HDMI.
3. Have a Type-C multi-functional converter ready.

Step 2: Connect and pair
1. Connect a Type-C multi-functional converter (converts USB-C to HDMI) to your phone.


2. Connect the TV to the Type-C multi-functional converter with an HDMI cable.
3. Select HDMI as the signal source on the TV. (For example, if the converter is connected to the TV's HDMI1 port, select HDMI1 as the signal source.)

Step 3: Start the game
1. Switch the Projection mode to Phone mode.


2. On the mobile phone, open a motion sensor game (for example, Fancy Skiing).
a. Fancy Skiing gives you an intense interactive experience.



b. Fancy Darts is perfect for social occasions and a great option for parties.


Tips for the Gaming Experience
  • Clothing: Brightly colored clothes work best for ensuring optimal effects.
  • Lighting: Conduct gameplay in naturally lit environments and avoid interference from strong artificial light sources.*
  • Mobile phone height: Place your phone on a stable table or board 40 to 150 cm from the ground.
  • Distance between you and your phone: Maintain between 2 and 2.5 m of distance with your phone. The gaming area should be free of obstacles so as to avoid collision or injury.
  • Adjust the tilt of the phone to ensure that the player is completely visible in the preview box.
  • Avoid using a gaming area where others are likely to move around so as not to disturb motion control effects.

Safety tips You should Know
  • During gaming, do not place the rear camera close to your eyes. Keep your eyes more than 5 cm from the camera for safety.
  • The phone may overheat during gameplay. Prevent children from touching the phone. It is recommended that you manage your time well and not play games for too long.

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