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Installing Meego on Corby Pro B5310


Broken In
Hey guys,

I've been using a corby pro b5310 for a year now. I love the phone sans the camera :p .. Anyway... I was wondering if it were possible to install Meego on this phone.

The phone has 150MB internal storage.

Also, if possible, can anyone point me to where I can find s/w to use to flash the phone and re-install the old OS.



Legend Never Ends
Meego barely runs on a phone as fast as N900(I saw it in Linux Action Show)

So its safe to say Corby is NOT going to run it


Broken In
Sad to hear... But understandable.

Is there any way to mod the B5310? For example I want to do the following
Change the sms capacity to unlimited (from 1200)
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