Inkjet printer Ink drying

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I am using C45 EPSON Inkjet printer for home use. I use it for taking up prints not very often. So, I the INK therein gets dried. Is there any way to avoid drying of Ink?


Cyborg Agent
Short of actually using the printer, or using the nozzle-clean function, there is no way to avoid the drying of ink. You definitely need to keep printing something once in a while, at least a page a week, to maintain your printer in proper working order. And make sure that you remove the cartridges from the printer if you're not gonna use them for a long time. Also make sure you use the printer head nozzle clean function (accessible from your printer control software) to maintain proper working.


Broken In
there is no better option to keep ur printer helthy, yhen to keep printing.
Every printer has a printing cartridge which when not in use should be removed out of the pinter & covered with the cartridge cap.
This u get in the market or any printer shop.
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