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India cannot play big brother to Sri Lanka: Khurshid


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New Delhi: As the Government on Thursday came under attack in the Lok Sabha from its friends and foes over the plight of the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid addressed the Lok Sabha and thanked all the leaders cutting across party lines who had raised concerns over the war crimes issue.

Giving the government’s view on the Lankan Tamil issue, Khurshid said that India will take the "best possible" decision on the UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

In what can be said as an attempt to garner sympathy, the Union Minister said that India’s stand at the United Nations will depend upon the concerns raised by the MPs in Parliament.

What we do towards Sri Lanka must be effective. But how and what we do it must be left to the government,” Khurshid said.

The External Affairs Minister said that the government wants Tamils to live in peace and dignity and be treated as equal citizens in Sri Lanka. However, Khurshid also went on to say that “India cannot interfere in Sri Lanka's politics and cannot play big brother.”

Saying that India has always believed in peace, Khurshid said that diplomacy is the best possible way to deal with such a situation. “Diplomacy will do what war cannot do,” the Union Minister said.

The Minister said, “We cannot be angry as this is a huge humanitarian problem to which we have to find a solution. This is not the time to open up wounds.”

Unsatisfied with the Foreign Minister’s reply on the sentimental issue, both the BJP and DMK walked out of the Lok Sabha.

India cannot play big brother to Sri Lanka: Khurshid on Tamils issue
Being a highly sensitive issue comprises of Human rights/Eelam Tamils , do you think this is the right reply?


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@offtopic : wrong section, this is the news section. IF you want to post a discussion post it in Fight Club / Off Topic Thread.

The whole Idea why LTTE was formed was : Sinhals ( local residents of srilanka ) were favoured over Tamils, even when Sri-Lanka was a Democracy. Whatever the govt says or does is something else but what actually happens is something else.

India does play big brother on this issue, many prominent politicians and businessmen supported the cause of the Lankan Tamils.

Its very clear that the Cong govt is not interested in supporting the Tamil factor but wants to establish a good relationship with Sri-Lanka because of the growing prominence of States which are befriending China.

I am not related to the cause in any manner, but i feel maybe taking up arms against the govt was a wrong idea.. by the Tamils, and It was also the govts fault... it should have bended the rules a little to allow equal and fair opportunities to all. India could have done a lot by pressing this issue in the UN, but since Congress has been the party in power for the majority of the time and since the death of Rajiv Gandhi happened.. things turned sour...
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