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I want to buy a laptop by October 2018


Guys im a huge fan of digit forums and ive made all my recent electronic purchase by suggestions from this site. Now, i want to buy a laptop for my girlfriend.

She needs it for work purposes, like working on the digital space. She will predominantly use all the adobe software (mostly Photoshop,illustrator and such to create digital art, some video editing may be).Now, we are very tight on budget and can spare upto 30k maximum.I would like to know if there is a laptop within 15k-25k budget for all the purposes mentioned above so that i can gift her myself.

It needs to have a good display keyboard and touch pad, should be sleek and light weight to carry. display should look good about 15 inches i guess.I think bigger the better within budget.

please let me know if u require any more information to narrow ur searches!

big thanks for help in advance!


I dont have a specific recommendation but 30k for any laptop is very low today, let alone something that is used for video editing.
For video editing,
go for an intel laptop (quicksync), no GPU needed, and aim for atleast a 1080p panel with IPS which is unlikely you will get in 30k. 8 GB RAM is unlikely.
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