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Right off the assembly line
Hey guys, I just created a new app - Game button.
It has 9 offline games,500 online games and you can browse random websites when bored. First app ..any suggestions ?

Download link:
Game Button - Android Apps on Google Play


Lost in speed
Installed. Will check and tell. :)
Nicely done @Firewolf .
Offline games are a nice addition, especially like the 2048 and Aliens. Add some classic games to give nostalgic feel for everyone.

Though Gamebutton is a nice one, app has games (off/on) + random websites to check - so the
"Game" in Gamebutton won't always fit. Try renaming to something, that will suit the whole purpose of the app.


Right off the assembly line
That's like bored button, looks good, will check it out.
But please, add more offline games or ability to save online games offline
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