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Html form Query


hi, everyone
i have one specific query about html form.
i already prepared one small form for which coding is as below:

<FORM method="post" action="../cgi-bin/gform">
Name: <INPUT type="text" name="Name" size=40><br>
Email: <INPUT type="text" name="EMaddress" size=40><br>
Site Name: <INPUT type="text" name="PTitle" size=40><br>
URL: <INPUT type="text" name="URL" size=40>
<INPUT type="submit" value="Send">

now my question is what ever data i am inputting in this form where it will be stored?
and suppose i run this form 4 times and all data which i entered running 4 times is it stored ? or vanished
i m confused i just want to store all my data when i m entring in form

thanks to all


Simply a DIGITian
Staff member
Ok, look when you enter data and submit this form, it'll go to ../cgi-bin/gform, in generalized sentence it goes the file which is specified in action using the method you use. In your case, your data will be send using post method.

Now it depends on you what you want to do with your data. If you want to show it just print them, otherwise if you want them to store, store them in database, file anything.

I hope I'm clear.

Anyway moving this to Programming, it better fits there.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
It will go nowhere unless the CGI script exists to process your POST request. If you just learning HTML, ignore that part. You'll eventually learn what exactly happens when you learn PHP or J2EE or CGI/Perl, etc.
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