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Hp g6-1017tu


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Flipkart.com: HP Pavilion G6 Series G6-1017TU: Computer

i want to buy HP G6-1017TU from flipkart (link pasted above) which comes with followin config:
2nd gen i5, 4gb ddr3, 15.6", and it comes with Intel HD graphics 3000...@Rs.38k

the main purpose for me is for education and movies..im not much into gaming but i do play few games when i get bored.(so not much concerned abut games). But i do use some softwares like photoshop, and some CADD softwares,3D designing (educational use)
So anyone can u share reviews about this config laptop? will the above graphics suit my purpose? and can i go for it??

or i have one more option.
HP pavilion g6-1003tx.

the only differences between 1017tu and 1003 tx are that:
1017tu comes with 2nd gen i5 processor and Intel HD 3000 graphics processor. (laptop cost=38400)
whereas 1003tx comes with core i5 processor(1st gen) and 1GB AMD Radeon 6470M graphics processor. (laptop cost=37900).

so i want to know which of the above two will suit for my purpose?
and also does it make any difference between corei5 and 2nd gen core i5?
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The second generation i5 is slightly (very slightly) better than the older one, but never so much as to appear in real life. the HD6470 is definitely much better than integrated graphics. so i'd go with 1003tx.

CAD software such as solidworks, do perform better in the presence of a dedicated graphics card. zooming, orbiting etc are all smooth in the presence of a discrete card.

But at 37.5k you can have the dell inspiron15r. comes witha new i3, whichis more than sufficient. its got better graphics for the same price, which is always good. If you are a student then you can get a discount too. And then there's completecover for one year, which tops the regular warrnty any day.
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