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Howz N72 ? ????

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If any one are using N72....can you please give me your feedback or howz it ?????? audio/pic/ ??????



Cyborg Agent
Havnt read any gr8 reviews for n72. But n73 is an amazing phn. Lots of gud reviews n all the users r happy with it. So consider n73 also b4 buying n72


In the zone
better...wait for N73(it rocks )..and its prices to come down a bit..N72 isnt that good...u can even..go for some hi-fi SE mobiles...now a days i have fallen in luv with these SE ..walkmans..phone..and Nokia doesnt appeal to me !!
currently...u can get N73 for 25.k but i dont think that will be legal. ass the shop owner told me that they get from some ship dockyard/port...


~Bulletproof Monk~
dude why dont wait till the price of nseries goes below 5ooo ya five thousand bucks beleive me nseries sucks its waste of money time see the following probs
n91 hard disc error anytime it appears u have to reboot 3-4 times to restore your data
n70 openin any software gives u a blank white skreen 1st
n72 havent tested it but the retailer says same as n70 except the os n70 is os 8 and 72 is os 9.1
n71 a suckin fone so big seems like we are goin back in days of 5110
n80 the worst of them all u cant delete themes u installed(i have tons of themes for n80 and full n series) to delete them u have to pass thru many head aches
n80 also needs some authority certificate to install apps this means ur cracked stuff wont work here no keygens no patch files
n90 another hammer so filthy in looks(though i like the style of camera)

beleive me and ya 3250 the slowest blutooth ever a 8 mb song took 45 yes forty five minnutes to transfer while the same took 12minutes from my qd to the 3250

the os 9.1 is nothin but a rotten piece of s*** so **** off n series be happy wid os 7
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