How to removal of one of the OS out of the two(2) OS on the same drive?


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I have installed WIN XP SP3 dark edition on the same drive where I had Win xp sp2 installed,now I wished to uninstall or remove the Win XpSp3 dark edition completely so that I have only SP2 there on drive C: but how to? Please suggest me without formatting the C: drive

I have 160 GB HD and 1 GB RAM with MSi MB with Intel chips;FYI, I have bought WIn Xp SP3 dark edition from the local market.....

Please do email the request to my email id or facebook, this is URGENT!!!!

Thank you for your time


It is not possible to remove it now. You will have to format the drive.
Two OS working simultaneously, on the same drive is not possible. When you install 2 versions of XP the previous one gets updated with the new one.
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