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how to install linex os on windows pc

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i have AMD 2600+ processor 80gb hard disk & 512 ram can i install linex on my pc i have 98 & xp-pro alredy on my pc i don't want to lose that operating
system & i also want linex how can i do in please give me sugesition

Vishal Gupta

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Don't worry dude!

Simply boot using Linux CD and go thru the installation steps. Select Automatic partition option and keep existing partitions during setup.

It'll install linux and ur windows OS ( 98 & Xp ) will remain unaffected and u'll hv a boot loader to choose the OS to start the comp. :D

PS: Before installing linux, it'll be good for u to go thru Open Source section in this forum, U'll get a lot knowledge about linux and its installation


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You will find a good list of live cd's here http://www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php . And yeah as vishal said have a look around at opensource section you'll get good knowledge there. You should try out the live cd's first as you need not install anything on your hard drive. You just gotta boot from ur cd drive wid the live cd in it.


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Live CD's are normally distributed with Linux magazine or other IT Magazines.another option,if u got a BB is to download it.


You can also try getting it from your local Linux User Group by posting about it on their mailing lists. You LUG seems to have this site.
Subscribe to their mailing list by going to "The Linux Community". Then write to them about CDs. Someone will probably send you for courier+cd charges.
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