General Query How to cancel an order purchased from the Dell Shop?


One of my family members ordered a laptop from the Dell shop without checking Amazon/Flipkart. After 4 hours, he realized it was a blunder and now he want to cancel the order. Did not specify the model but he want to cancel it.

Now the headache begins, within 4 hours, Dell generated an invoice and provided Bluedart courier details.

He was able to generate a service request to cancel, but the question is, will dell cancel the order? The estimated delivery time is July 10th.

If dell rejects the service request, can he reject the order from Bluedart? Will dell refund their money or deduct a 15% restocking fee?


I am considering rejecting the package from BlueDart and open a dispute with HDFC Credit Card, will they be of any help regarding Dell refusing to cancel the order @Desmond


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Don't they have any option like "Orders" as we have in Flipkart and Amazon? If they do, there may be an option there to place cancellation request.

Whatever you do, know how much it's gonna cost you for cancelling the order/rejecting the package. If it's gonna cost you as much as or close to the amount you think you could've saved by buying it from other online seller, then it's no point in cancelling.
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