how to buy a smartphone??


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To buy a smartphone, the buyer must first of all be smart..
here are some of my valuable tips to guide you to purchase your dream phone..
1. decide budget :
This is important because you can do only what you are possible to do. sit and decide how much you are ready to shell out.. then goto 2nd point.
2. decide OS:
tastes regarding OS differ from person to person. if OS is not an issue for you don't read this point. almost all OS are good. Android has great customization available., it is a favourite among developers.. if you are a power user and app-lover go for a Android else anything is good for you.
3. What is your use with it.. :
What do your smartphone want you to do, you decide it first..
jot it down and then search for it. some love camera, others purchase phone only for apps, some for chatting, etc..
Use wise decision tips:
*for camera lovers, check out the mega pixel of camera and screen resolution,
*for chatting and apps, all you require is 2gb ram and 1.2 or above quad core processor with sufficient amount of inbuilt memory.
*As octacore processor based phones are going cheaper now, gamers, go for it..
4. All About processor :
Moto X as all know is one of best phone below 25000 range.. but do you guys know it sports only 1.2GHz Dual core processor.. still it works as good as other phones having octacore or quad core processor. it is becoz it has the flagship qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor.. which uses full use of its 2cores without heating up battery. So moral of the story is it is not the number of cores that matters bur it is the quality of cores that matters. While buying a phone, check the quality of cores. snapdragon are better than mediatek.. . u can use the benchmark results for comparison and arriving at a decision.

So that's it..
(feel free to add tips and corrections to help further uders)

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^ Moto X (2013) has a dual core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro and not Snapdragon 800. S4 Pro is more like Snapdragon 600.
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"power user" "app user" "favourite among developers" android?? Not at all
ios holds that tag
Android hold the tag for customisation

as for no of cores that is an invalid statement
an SD S4 >>SD400 despite being dual core vs quad core
SD S4>> Mediatek octa core
intel atom>>> most cpus in the market despite being single/dual core depending on model

gamers should go in for Tegra/intel if they are ok with budget,overheating,lack of support for basic apps and roms,poor battery life


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thanks for your great corrections. but what I meant to say was it is how better a core is that matters and not number of cores!

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no of cores are never important but dev support is always important. Even popular Soc has problem with apps compatibility.


I would like to add here that a dual core is the bare minimum that you must get. A quad core is more like the additional cheery on the cake and nothing else as most mobile apps and games won't use more than 2 cores. So, it shouldn't change your decession while buying a mobile phone.
Always, focus on more Ram rather than cores. A dual core with 2GB ram is always better than quad core 1GB ram. More ram would not only assist in multitasking but also make your mobile run cooler and more efficiently. Also, more ram would make your mobile more future compatiable vs more cores.

At the last, go for a known brand with good ASS if you are buying a costly phone above 10k. Chinese brands might seem to give more than known brands but due to there low prices they tend to cut corners. Like not testing against bumps, bad call quality, and bad or worse hardware quality that includes electronics and cheap plastics.
These Chinese brands dont last as long and usually have buggy software problems that goes unrectified due to bad support.
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