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How to buy a dell laptop??

I have decided to buy a dell laptop which costs around 35k.. but still in confusion, how to buy it!! By online will takes 15 days to receive my product.. if i go to an authorised retailer, i will get it on that day itself but i heard they will charge additional 4k rupees (a lap costing 35k via online will costs 39k from retailer).. i am buying a standard version, no customisation in it.. i need a backpack also.. so pls help me, how shall i buy the laptop, via online or through d retailer??


Broken In
Buy it online from dell.co.in. Delivery charges are INR 900 for any laptop.

Your laptop cost: 35,000 + VAT + 900.

Last year I bought my Dell Studio 15 for 54,000 inclusive of delivery and VAT. Had no troubles whatsoever, and was delivered (via Bluedart) within 10 days from the payment confirmation date (although delivery time depends on your location).

I am wondering how come the retailer is asking so much extra money. I recently purchased (not even a month back), a Dell Inspiron 15R from the nearby retailer and its almost the same price as is being sold online. Was hardly a 100 Rupees difference.

Dell Backpack - I bought it from a retailer in my city

btw isn't this the mobile forum?
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