How much does this infographic hold true in India?


Feel Pain.

Like I have heard not all companies especially service based companies don't want to disappoint investors so they don't hire tier 2/3 grads to higher roles, as IIT tag plays a role there. But what about product based companies? Do all of them follow this?

What's the job scenario now and in the next 5 years related to this?


The Slowest One
I dont know about service based companies but lots of product based companies only hunt for IIT graduates. One of my friend struggled real hard because of this in Bangalore. One of the company chucked him out after he worked his ass off on the application from ground-up, for 2 years, because the new management wanted only IITians and NIITians. That guy has some real skills because of heavy grind but he always come across HR who rejected him in last round because he came out of Tier-3 college.
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