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Honor Play discussion thread


Android One to go.. MI A2 and Nokia 6.1 plus disappointed in many aspect considering honor play and poco f1 in around 20k..
Mi A1's popularity got to Xiaomi's head and they got greedier.
They should've replaced RN5 with RN5 Pro and RN5 Pro with Mi A2 having 5k mAh battery and headphone jack.


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Been using the phone extensively for a week now and I couldn't find anything to hate about EMUI, but I love NOVA so yes that is what I have been using on all my android phone, but core functionality, customization EMUI provides has impressed me, and oh yes with around 150 app added, the phone dose not skip a beat atleast for now ..... rest time will tell. The camera also is no dud, yes not better than other counter parts in the same segment, but nothing to complain too much about. The screen is vibrant, yes not as bright as Super LCD of HTC 10, but easily comparable to one plus amoled. Its only under direct sunlight you notice the difference. Call Quality is amazing. noise cancelling is amazing, GPS is rock solid and dead stable. RAM management seems to work and work good for now (150aps). Inbult call recorder and screen recorders works perfect. App switching is fast, finger unlocking is as good as OP6, face unlocking is bullet blazing fast. Too fast for its own good sometimes I might say. Battery is amazing, easily one day with heavy use. 1.5 days with moderate. With easy use, at 100% around 8 AM, you are left with 45-50% at 8 PM. All this counts more for me than bloody camera .... The ONLY thing I might miss is stereo speakers, the single speaker audio loudness is poor. Its decent for speaker phone, but for multimedia consumption its very poor. If they would have provided stereo speakers, that would have made this phone unstoppable. Built quality is as good as one plus 6. had both phones in hand and Play did not one bit leaves an impression that its a 20K mid segment phone. Anything anyone might want to know I can share .... ... and oh about the updates I have received two EMUI updates in a week, so I dont think thats been ignored as such, for now at least.
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I have bad experience like hanging,heating,messages failed,wifi,RAM management issues with Redmi 2 and note 3 once updates stopped..
Android one gives 2 years of updates. So we can expect 1 year from Honor,hopefully.

seriously, 6.3 inch seems too big for me. My friend had this realme 1 and he has trouble placing in pockets especially while riding bike. Now i heard Honor 8x with 7 inch.. WTH :)
It will be honor 8X max not the normal 8x
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