Honor 7c discussion thread

Is the three-card and dual-Bluetooth feature something you want?

  • Yes, both are amazing.

    Votes: 9 42.9%
  • Yes, I need the three-card design, not dual-Bluetooth

    Votes: 11 52.4%
  • Yes, I need dual-Bluetooth, not the three-card design

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, I don't need either feature

    Votes: 1 4.8%

  • Total voters
Wait, WHAT?
Yeah it truely is more secure than the face unlock implement with just the front cam, like most android phones. Mi8 & Oppo Find X have 3D face scanning, but its not as convenient as a fingerprint reader. Its just a bit faster than iris scanner of Samsung but the fact that you need to manual wake up the phone with power button increases the overall unlock time.


Right off the assembly line
Android had face unlock much before iPhone X made it cool, I think it was introduced in Android ICS (4.0 i think).

People think iPhone features are cool, that's it. It doesn't matter to them if its less secure or cumbersome.
perfect word cumbersome.no surprise that copying the iphone features are considered as great
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