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Right off the assembly line
Honor 7 is really a very great phone, I still think it is better than Redmi 5 and also better than Real Me 1 in terms of both front and rear camera


Honor 7 is really a very great phone, I still think it is better than Redmi 5 and also better than Real Me 1 in terms of both front and rear camera
7A has SD430, Redmi 5 has SD450 and RealMe 1 has Helio P60. The last has the best camera and performance under 10k (except the lack of fingerprint scanner). All three have mutilated android and so UI is not even worth discussing.


Can someone at Honor please answer about the native video calling option from dialler on 4g .
When will it arrive ?
More people will buy these phones once that option is available .
Also do your phones support auto call recording ?
How many more phones with Kirin 650 series chipsets ?

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Not saying it should have ESS Sabre dac itself but atleast, a proper review from Digit while promoting brand is required before creating buttload of threads that mean very little.
Agreed. They should've tried putting dedicated dac/amp on Honor 10 instead of ugly notch and promoted that.
In 7a or 7c the processor is not so good it has passed time so.
Xaiomi and many brands given better processor in that price it's feels like old age
Anyway the build quality is awesome.

Charchit Sharma

So, which audio feature interests you the most? Would you like to see a new audio feature on an Honor phone? Type it out in the comments below. Remember, Honor is keeping a close eye on this thread and your suggestion might become a reality.
Here is my opinion about the audio in the smartphone, as I don't have hands-on Honor 7A smartphone so I can't point out the mistakes or betterment but if some of my point's included benefits I'll be happy.

Let’s start with the loudspeaker. Sounds need to be clear in max out the environment, if you want to hear a hands-free call in a noisy environment or want to watch a movie while your family chatter away in the living room.
The key thing to remember here is that for every 6 to 10 dB of difference between two sources, the perceived volume doubles. So going from 60 to 70 dB doubles the perceived volume of the source. Decibels are a logarithmic rather than linear scale. For reference, heavy rainfall or a normal conversation clock in at around 60 dB of volume, freeway traffic, and most household appliances have a volume of around 70 dB, so expected sound from a sub 9k phone should be 80-85dB to overcome the noise also taking care of clarity in point.

Similarly, DAC noise floor dB should be lower for better performance in listening with headphones winner in this category is Razer Phone with -106 dB. A The Total Harmonic Distortion should be lower, Bluetooth codecs like Qualcomm’s aptX HD and Sony’s LDAC are better for wireless speakers, Oreo can support every codec out there it's up to the developer what to include as per license.

So, if you can optimize all in one setup considering the price point too, there can be a winner in the audio segment as well.

Charchit Sharma

So what do you think of the performance features in the Honor 7A? Do you think there could be a couple of new features added to make things better? Sound off in the comments below.

See, to be honest, companies try to bring there UI to easily update and change what they want based on the user's need and easy access to data control over the smartphone just like EMUI, but believe me, if you include stock android the performance will improve dramatically, as it is accustomed to the hardware. And sales too will increase.

Charchit Sharma

So what do you guys think about the design of the Honor 7A? Anyone here still prefer the 16:8 aspect ratio?
So what do you guys think about the design of the Honor 7A?
It's good for the price segment.
Anyone here still prefer the 16:8 aspect ratio?
No, I always wanted that there should be no bezels on the phone and finally, it's happening.
Honor 7a offers Real-time Audio Monitoring through your earbuds and supports SWS3.1 Virtual Bass. It lets you hear your own voice while you are recording your singing so you get that recording studio experience. The Amplifier and the Turbocharged speakers give an excellent output which is pleasant and soothing to the ears while being loud enough . The sound does not crack .

The audio output in the normal headphones is also great .


All phones kind of look the same in this budget. Speaking of which, you won't get fast charging because getting QC 3.0 certification means paying some royalty to Qualcomm.
A fast charger like from Moto Torbo charger would be useful for fast charging na?


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Honor’s budget device, the Honor 7A sports a number of pretty impressive hardware specifications for its price. However, the who also offers a number of software based features as well.

The first among these is One Touch Paytm Access. This feature lets users quickly jump to the payment section of the Paytm app to make payments.

The Honor 7A also offers a special feature called Ride Mode that is meant for bike riders. When this mode is turned on, the phone keep you free from any notifications. So that you can concentrate on your riding.

The phone also comes with a Party Mode that lets you connect up to Honor 7A smartphones together. This lets you create an impromptu surround sound speaker setup.

The Honor 7A offers a feature called Dual Bluetooth. As the name would suggest, this feature lets you pair the phone to two devices simultaneously.

So, Which feature of the Honor 7A do you like the most? Are there any new features that you would like to be added to future smartphones? Sound off below..

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