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Home Wifi system


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Hello, I am getting a 4 storey house built, i want wifi connectivity on all floors. Preferably i would want the same ssid on all floors, so that you dont have to disconnect and connect when walking to the other floor. Also, I dont want a repeater setup, something like, Google Home available in india?


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Then use powerline adapter or do some lan cabling throughout home(gigabit lan recommended) for future install of APs at each floor.Though this is more expensive/work required but it is the best solution considering future bandwidth increase usage scenario.


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Ubiquity is your best bet if starting to build a new system. They have packs of 3 on sale at amazon. That way you will cover the whole building if plqced properly. The range is also decent and the free controller software makes life easier for deployment.. be it guest networks or multiple ssids with specific speed settings for the group.

Am using it and am very happy.
Needs either a server or a cloud access key for administration
Need to drop a ethernet cable at each ap(but then no need for power as they support poe)
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