HiSilicon Kirin 970 discussion thread


I'm sure the hi silicon Kirin 970 will be adequate at the price Huawei will sell it's top end phones for.
The need of the hour here is a new mid range chip that will help Huawei sell phones in the 8 k to 15 k range with dual 4g support .
This will help them compete better with the Redmi note 5 and Asus M1 and Realme.
I think the Kirin 659 is a bit too long in the tooth.
Other than this the Huawei phones look much better than their counterparts .
Just my personal opinion.

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The antutu score of honor 10 is still good (213.381) but not as good as OP6 (282.275)
AnTuTu and other benchmarks for high end SoCs

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