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how can i disable the feature in which when one computer join an
workgroup or domain, by virtue of connectivity, SCHEDULE TASK and PRINTER AND
FAX icons appers when browsed through another computer. well, nothing is
shared in the host computer then also this comes, this may be default setup
in Xp pro which is the OS.

i just want that when nothing is shared, nothing must be shown on others
computer when browsed. how can this be done???

its not that am completely isolating the computer, just SHOW NOTHING is
the concept. i may later on share some folders but it should be my share.

any help

I had this tweak copied from somewhere and saved on my PC. Used it to reduce time WinXP takes to show shared folders on my home network. Here goes -

Content displaying is sluggish when browsing the network with Explorer. This is most noticeable when going from Windows 2000/XP to Windows 9X/ME Machine.

When browsing network resources, Windows 2000/XP will try to find shared printers and scheduled tasks on the computer you try to connect to.

Step 1: Click Start > Run

Step 2: Type in regedit in the prompt. Find the registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RemoteComputer\NameSpace]

Step 3: Delete the Sub-Key with (Default) string value set to "Printers"

Step 4: Delete the Sub-Key with (Default) string value set to "Scheduled Tasks"

Note: You may experience a delay if that system has a printer shared.

Try it,
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