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Heroes of the Storm is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, and OS X. The basis of the game is the combination of heroes from Blizzard's Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft franchises. It is planned to be a free-to-play digitally distributed online game, supported by micro-transactions.[1][2] As of August 2013, the game was in internal testing at Blizzard.[3] Blizzard for the moment is avoiding calling their game a "MOBA" or an "Action RTS" because they feel it is something different.[4]

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So would it remain F2P or not, because last time a read a article from Eurogamers stating that Blizzard won't go in F2P business.


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Anyone able to subscribe for the beta?

Guys subscribe in it. If you recieve the beta invite, you can sell it . Like what happened to hearthstone.


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This game is aimed directly against DOTA 2,But I highly doubt it will even make a 5% difference.

But yeah,The game does look impressive :)


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Y'all know that this is the game fuelled by Butthurt after Blizz lost DotA to His Holiness Lord GabeN of Valve

That was bound to happen. There were no new Warcraft titles for IceFrog to expand upon and Blizzard thought that Dota would keep Warcraft 3 in the market forever, they were wrong.


you underestimate the quality of the games blizzard makes!
there are very high chances that it will smoke both LOL and Dota 2 on release! Coz the experience provided by blizzard is just different all together!
For example Hearthstone, its an instant super hit, its a copy of MTG but really well executed!
You can counter say that diablo3 failed hard coz of no endgame, but diablo3 core game mechanics, the programming, internal design, is the best out there!

you should understand that dota was built on top of the warcraft engine made by blizzard, which was further developed, copied to make LOL and Dota 2

And no heroes don't resemble dota 2 chars, all heroes are from blizzard past games, they use their spells from previous games!
Y'all know that this is the game fuelled by Butthurt after Blizz lost DotA to His Holiness Lord GabeN of Valve


ofcourse they will, MOBA is meant to be a f2p game..
I dont see how Blizzard could make any profit by introducing a new IP that only a niche audience of gamers play (MOBA)
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