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Help required for purchasing data card


Broken In
Hello guys,
Please help me in purchasing a new data card.
I live in gurgaon & I want to get a new data card which offers decent download speed (around 10 GB / month).
I can a max. of 1500 Rs monthly.
Please suggest


Alakh Niranjan
get Mts mblaze if that is available there. i have used that till 3-4 months back and it was 899 for unlimited (up to 12GB highspeed).


Alakh Niranjan
its good, gives stable speeds and better FUP than other isp. but always ask for a demo at your premises as it might not be the smae at your place.


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@Subro,I think better to buy a HUAWEI E series 3G USB Dongle/Datacard which is fully UNLOCKED and runs under GSM technology rather than CDMA.
It will bear the flexibility of inserting any 3G sim by any provider OF YOUR CHOICE + BUDGET.

Always go for PREPAID schemes.


Broken In
But how to use it properly, like if I insert a Vodafone 3G sim, how to use it properly, like settings, APN, etc?

Please help

Also I have a Tata Docomo 3G dongle. Can I get it unlocked & use with a 3G sim?

Ashok Verma

better get BSNL 3G data card... if available....
Best and very reasonable price of plans of all brands available.... and much flexibility of plans to choose from....

If u want to buy a new datacard go for Huawei data cards... I've used them very nice and good signal reception.

Or u can try to unlock ur DoCoMo card

Follow the Link Unlock TATA DOCOMO Dongle(Estick) ZTE MF631

Assuming Ur Data Card to Be ZTE MF631
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