Help! My Google account is infected with a Malware.

I have reinstalled my windows, installed chrome from scratch, yet this problem occurs. In settings>search engine> Search engine used in the address bar > i have search options to choose:
  • google
  • bing
  • duckduckgo
  • yahoo
When i use 'bing' , i get results from bing. Same with 'duckduckgo' and 'Yahoo'. No problem. However when i pick the option of ' google' , my address bar search leads me to *
On the same computer when i switch to my alternate Google account on Chrome, setting search option as ' google' gives me google search results, rightly so. I don't use any extension, i always delete browser history, cookies, cache, disabled any possible trackers, even removed 'personalized Ads' option from my google account.

Here is the crazy part. I shared this problem with my friend who right away said its a virus issue. So i took his laptop, logged him out of chrome, logged in to chrome with my account, and did a search and BAM, i am lead to the same old site: * . My friend started panicking, accusing me of "infected" his laptop. He logged into his google account and the problem isn't there, its normal like how it is with my alternate google account.

I have tried every "solution" on various websites, even those that sneakily push us to download their software. ADWcleaner, Malwarebytes, name every malware killing software and i have tried it all.
The most common advice i got is to abandon my main google account. Its not so easy as every part of my financial and academic life is linked to this account.
I'm assuming this won't be an issue on a different browser with your primary google account.

Many are switching to firefox because for adblocking & blocking cookies/trackers. Maybe give it a try.

Maybe the virus/malware infected your chrome settings & it is being synced.
What is shown in this page of search settings?

Maybe get Google one for a month & contact google support.
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