Help me with windows xp sp 2

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i have windows xp sp 1 and want to upgrade it to sp 2.
when i upgrade it,it says,this:-see adjoining screenshot.
i i click retry,it again says the same.
if i exit,i exit but if i skpi it it continues.afterwards it says that your file(the one i the screenshot) is corrupted and windows cannot upgrade.
what do i do?
i need sp 2 urgently.


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Boot into Safe Mode and then try to Upgrade the Operating System.

Otherwise, why dont you integrate SP2 into your Windows Installation and reinstall XP.

You can integrate SP2 easily in a click using nlite which can be found on


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Hi there,

It seems that while copying files to temp folder during installation, setup is unable to copy dtscsi.sy_ file from I386 folder to temp folder.

In order to resolve this issue, you can copy the file from I386 folder from CD to missing file I386 folder on HD.

Also, if you want to build automated CD, use "nlite" -

Also, if you want to have automated installation/upgradation of windows xp from setup files, use "uwin installer" -

Hope this helps you out.

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