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hi, friends
i m not been able to do anything in my bios setup.this come in view fewdays ago (after i installed my combo).I m using ASUS A7N266 motherboard and AMD Athlon XP 1700+ processor with 128 Mb of DDR-SDRAM(266MHZ) and samsung combo drive and CDROM and Purse 64Mb GeForce2 MX 400 graphics card.Actually none of my keys responded in the bios setup.(That is nothing happened when i press arrow keys or any other key)


Have u made ur Combo Drive as Primary Slave if it is sharing the bus with Hard Disk?
If not,then remove the Combo Drive and change the jumper in the backside of the drive to Slave and then put it back, else u use the Secondary channel for the Combo Drive.

If u previously had ur CDROM as Secondary Master,then u have to make the Combo Drive as (Secondary) Slave.
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