Harry Potter 3 problem

Discussion in 'Gamerz' started by Ashwin Saxena, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. I have the Third game of harry potter. Whenever I start game the screen goes blank and goes out of frequency.
    Waht can I do?
    Please give me a breife solution.... :oops: :?: :?: :?: :idea: :?: :?:
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    hey if ur gfx card is intel 845 integrated card or better the game should work. get the latest drivers.
    btw logically harry potter 3 on pc is quidditch world cup and it works on all types of gfx cards so assuming that u want to play prisoner of azakaban try updating your drivers.
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    What do you think...

    What do you think I am a bigginer. Please read my signature.Its clearly stated that I am not the bigginer.I have all the latest drivers. I also know that this is a screen resolution problem of my moniter. I just want to know hoe to decrease screen resolution of this game.
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