Guide to update from EMUI 8.x (Oreo) to EMUI 9.x (Pie)


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Hi In this Guide I am going to show a way to update Emui 8.x to Emui 9.x using Firmware Finder

It can be used on locked and unlocked Bootloader.

Data mostly wont be erased but will be erased in some cases where stock system is tampered earlier.

It may or may not lock your Bootloader.

For this you need to install Firmware Finder app ( ) on your device , original thread for the app ( )
Note 1:
This method requires latest EMUI 8.X available for your device. If you are not on the latest update repeat the below steps to install latest EMUI 8.x for your device.

Note 2: This process is safe to proceed if you have selected correct firmware for your device , If you try to flash wrong firmware and bricked your device I wont be responsible for it.

Steps to Update :

1. Install Firmware Finder App (
2. Select your Device in the App
3. Check the list of available firmwares
4. If you are not on the latest EMUI 8.x firmware then you need to install it
5. Select the next update iteration for your device
6. Check whether the update is approved your IMEI or not if check step 11 below
7. If the update is approved Get an update through eRecovery (Note that for this method you have to change DNS in your Router)
8. Click On Next and copy DNS address from the App
9. Change DNS in the Router and reboot your Router (Check whether DNS is configured properly or not by clicking this URL if you get 404 then its not configured properly)
10. Now click on the check availablitiy if not yet approved check next step
11. There is a option for Register update in the screen now click on register update and click next here your IP will be registered for sending the update
12. Now connect your device to charger and reboot into eRecovery by pressing Volume+ button
13. Once its rebooted cleck on the option Download latest version and recovery
14. On Next step Download and recovery
15. It will search for WiFi and will list the available WiFi , select the WiFi which you used to register your IP in step 11
16. It will proceed to download the select firmware once it done it will Reboot.


Screenshots for the steps:
















Repeat the process till you are on the latest version of EMUI 8.x once its done you can Install EMUI 9.x

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