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gt 650m OR gtx 675m


Broken In
So I was looking around for a good gaming laptop and I saw two things.
1) 14" laptops never usually come with anything better than this card gt 650m 2gb.So what i want to know is whether it is capable of running all the games(atleast most of them) at 1600x900 maxed out
2) the same way,i looked for 17" laptops and the one i saw had a Gtx 675 m 2gb.I need to know if it can run the games at 1920 x 1028 maxed out.
I need the laptop to last a good while,so if this card is going to run its games at low settings at its resolution,then it'll probably be a waste of money for me.


Gtx 650m and 675m are fine for playing are the mentioned resolutions but don't expect ultra settings. Mid - High should be fine.
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