Good LED 22 inch monitor under Rs 8000?


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Hey am planning to buy a new monitor for under Rs 8000.. Its mostly for for my PS3 and other multimedia purpose..I don't intend to use it as a PC monitor as i already got a good enough monitor ..
I prefer the following features:
-20-22 inch screen
-LED or LCD (LED more preferred)
-HDMI port
-Built In speakers
-FullHD resolution
-Maybe a built in TV tuner

I found just one monitor which suit most of my preferences
The Acer H235H

Plz suugest me some more..
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Hey ty guys... Btw i saw two new more feature rich options.
First is the Micromax 20M22HD LED Tv (yup TV )
-5 ms (thats what m looking for )
-1600x900 native resolution + FullHD ready(upscale to 1080i on required content or something)
-RF in too (Lol)

and the Intex LE20HDR05-VT13 monitor
Yup its intex still it got of the the features I want
- 1 HDMI
-RF in (lol again)
-Built in TV tuner
-Stereo Speakers
-1600x900 native res +FullHD +
-5ms to 7ms
or the Dell monitor u guys suggested the Dell s2240l..

Which one should I go for guys???
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