Getting and running latest fdkaac and opusenc encoders for dbpoweramp and foobar.


Hi I am Rupesh from India and I have some mp3 files and I want to convert to m4a files using fdkaac encoder latest version available. Similarly I want want to convert these mp3 files to opus using opusenc encoder latest version available.

There are a number of benifits of using latest version of encoder available like the output audio quality will be good etc., rather than using old one.

Generally i am using fdkaac or opusenc in other software like dbpoweramp and foobar. Using them directly is not good as the above software provide nice guis.

These software providers supply their own encoders for fdkaac and opusenc and they are too old.

I want to use the latest version of fdkaac and opusenc encoders instead. Source code of these encoders are available from git etc.,.

I have downloaded media auto build suite and ran it. It has downloaded the source code and compiled and created .exe files for fdkaac and opusenc.

I have copied these files to encoder directory present in the dbpoweramp folder.

I tried to convert these mp3 files to m4a and opus using old fdkaac and opusenc encoders provided by dbpoweramp. After that I have converted these mp3 files to m4a and opus using new fdkaac and opusenc compiled by msys2 or mingw64.

The files converted using old fdkaac and opusenc are of small in size than the ones converted using newly compiled fdkaac and opusenc at same bitrate.

I think that msys2 compiler is inferior than others. Which is the best way to compile source code of fdkaac and opusenc in optimal way like gcc or visual studio etc.,.

Can you suggest where to get or how to compile fdkaac and opusenc encoders .exe files which converts mp3 files to best quality output audio files.


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From the past 4 years I am using fdkaac and opusenc with dbpoweramp and I am satisfied with the audio quality of converted audio files.

So I want to use same fdkaac and opusenc with dbpoweramp but with latest versions of the above.

As I want windows versions of the above encoders I think that visual studio produces perfect executable files than msys2 or mingw64 gcc.

At present I have downloaded visual studio community edition 2022 and all the components of vc ++ and Linux make tools etc.,. But I don't know how to compile source code obtained from git.

I have seen the source code of fdkaac present in the nu774 fdkaac repository of git. In it I can see .sln and .vcxproj files.

If I open these files can I compile source code automatically without any much effort of installing mingw and passing parameters to it.

In the doom forum I have noticed that someone has compiled fdkaac 2.0.1 with msys2 and provided media fire link. The link is


Can I trust it and use it in my dbpoweramp or foobar.

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