Gaming Laptop 40k - 45k

Saransh verma

Need a gaming laptop ...

I need a laptop for playing heavy games and for Watching movies . :lol:

Hardware needs are as follows :-

Brand : Any

Processor : i5 or i7

Ram : 6-8

Screen resolution : At least 1366x786 - 1920x1080

Graphic card : 2gb

Size : Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen

Primary Task : Playing games like cod , nfs , Gta , Farcry etc...and Watching movies

Price should be from 40k to 45k
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Lenovo Z500 with i5, 4GB RAM, 1GB GT740M.......... 1GB is good enough for gaming........ u won't require 2GB graphics memory with that resolution & processor


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From initial gaming results he posted its good heating issues

Yea so it would pretty much suits his needs. It just that he will have to opt for 1gb variant according to his budget. Though I don't think the op has login again after posting this thread.
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