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for asp.net 2.0 which book is better

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Beginning Visual Basic 2005 n Proffessional VB 2005 . Both bt Wrox Pub. Also try free video tutorials at learnvisualstudio.net. they are really helpful.


For exhaustive reference, I suggest Microsoft Press books...
whereas Wrox press books cater to more "To the point" critical topics
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Zeeshan Quireshi

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wel i think books from "Wrox" press r perfect they go very very deep into the subject to satisfy all your thirst n if you still aren't satisfied there's always MSDN .

Have a look at wrox's ASP books :


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nikku12982 said:
hi friends can u tell me which book is better for asp.net 2.0 framework with vb as codebehind........

Thanks for writing in, For asp.net one the very best book is from murach guide to asp.net i'd referred it and found very good, plus the excercise are really challenging and you get to learn too many thing from them.

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