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Firefox Myths

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See guys...

Before posting i had double checked with all this...In fact i would request if you can tell me how authentic is this




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Yes firefox is slowest browser and full of memery leak problem. Use it for 2-3 hours continuesly nad see the memory used by firefox in task manager.


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but sure FF got memory usage high/resource hogging.I feel next version do we see some improvement.and definitely FF renders pages fast,if not fastest.

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^^ Yep same hhere it is better than IE 7 and a competitoe to Opera :D. I love it.. Pretty fast to me :D Donnno how much speed u all need .. I am happy with 256 KBps Ul + FF ;)


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I 've use mainly FF in windows XP and opera some time ,now trying with Seamonkey, K-melon produced sleek interface but many bugs infested, only use for IE7 for me is to verify DataOne usage in Bsnl site (since this site only support IE). But now after installing Data-fox plugin the need for IE is over to me ( it work with FF in Linux also). If you verify the number of plugins for FF it may take more space than the actual OS installation. So it is the madness for the FF plug in took more memory and some time appear slow..

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That page is correct. I dont know about compliancy but I do know that many sites need IE6 or higher. Thats one reason I have an InIE button in my other browsers to open site in IE when I run into such sites. Also firefox used to crash sometimes and it takes very long to start firefox. Showing partially downloaded tables hurts my head on dial up connections. Firefox has very high memory usage. Firefox fanboys are the worst fanboys I've come across. Firefox had bad caching and screwed up my bandwidth usage on MTNL triband by downloading the same sig over and over again from forum sites.
Firefox is a good browser but not the perfect browser for everyone which fanboys claim it to be.
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