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TE God
A job well done. That's what one can say to the EA Games Canada development team.

Well after a long and impatient wait, I finally got my hands on the game. I got the PC and PS2 versions at the same time ! (Lucky Me). I started the PC installation and in the mean time popped in the PS2 DVD.

I wasted no time in starting up a Arsenal-Man U game with me in my favorite RED. I have played Pro Evolution soccer, but haven't seen a game like this before. This one rocks dude. The gameplay and the 'Fist Touch' control is superb. One neat pass and a flick of the right analog stick, will make your player flick the ball over the defender or perform some neat stepovers.

The PC installation was complete, and I decided to start the game at 800x600 as my good old GeForce 2 might not oblige at 1024x768. It jerked. Turned detail level to Medium. Worked. Phew !

Took time to check out 'Create a Player' which is cool and started of with my team changes. All in all this is not a title sports fans will wan't to miss.

I have posted the minimum requirements for the game.
For full list check out


Minimum Specs :

700 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent

128 Megabytes of RAM (256 MB for Windows XP and Windows 2000)

DirectX 9.0b Compatible 3D accelerated 32 MB video card or equivalent

Supported Chipsets:
ATI Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon 8500, ATI Radeon 9000/Pro series, ATI Radeon X800
XT, NVIDIA GeForce 2 (GTS, MX, Ultra/Ti), NVIDIA GeForce 3 (MX, Ti), NVIDIA
GeForce 4 (MX, Ti), NVIDIA GeForce FX series, Intel i865g, SiS Xabre, Matrox
Parhelia, Volari V8, Volari Duo

1 GB hard disk space


DirectX 9.0b Compatible Sound Card

MS compatible mouse


Required Operating Systems:
Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP or Windows 2000
Note that Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 are not supported.

Required Software:
DirectX 9.0b

Get ready for some serious kicking around then !

Cheers !



Are u kidding me?
EA haven't made a decent FIFA game since FIFA 99
PES 3 kicked FIFA 2003 and FIFA 2004 to eternity
I've played the FIFA 2005 demo, and I'm sure its gonna suck compared to PES 4
This is what happens when Canadians start making games about football


Abhijit_T said:
Are u kidding me?
EA haven't made a decent FIFA game since FIFA 99
PES 3 kicked FIFA 2003 and FIFA 2004 to eternity
I've played the FIFA 2005 demo, and I'm sure its gonna suck compared to PES 4
This is what happens when Canadians start making games about football

I agrree with u...PES 4 is far better whn compared with FIFA 2005
But whn u compare 2005 to fifa 2004...its better and improved..


I agree with Abhijit here * of course coz he is the assistant webmaster of fifaindia :p *

EA have been letting fans down for Quite a while now..
They come up with gimmicks like Off the ball control and First touch..
Even tho first touch is really good..still the game sucks as compared to PES3-released abt 2 yrs ago...
So in conclusion..


TE God
but i feel the fun in sports related games is the fact that you can emulate players who you see on tv. PES lacks the licensing of teams which makes it pretty crap, even if the gameplay is good.


Nah pes4 has got licensing from all major teams..
And the players were all there in pes3 just the kits..whcih if u dont know can be changed for the PC..Abhijit has made a few kits too...
I wud play pes3 over fifa even if we had unknown japanese players in it!


let me give u an example..
about a month ago, Jatin and I went to a PS2 parlour to play PES3
We played for an hour,and then Jatin said "Lets try FIFA"
I said "Are u nuts?U know FIFA sucks"
Jatin said "Thats just for the PC,its good for the PS2"
I reluctantly agreed, and we started FIFA 2004.Five minutes in, and we couldn't believe how bad this game was compared to PES3
Thats all we played of it, 5 minutes
Went back to PES3, and things were back to normal--just plain old fun
FIFA is only good fr editing, since it give u pleasure to make a really really bad game slightly better


Broken In
stop this IFAFA .. PES ..... All gamesrs know PES is better than FIFA series till date !

(Anybody got PES 4 PC ? frm india i need it desperately ) :)


Ambassador of Buzz
ok why hasnt any ind comp mag ever given pro evolution soccer demo ? its available for pc version too right ? seems mags fixated with ea .


The Photoshop Guy
i think the best fifa was FIFA 2002 believe me it was too good. Much much better than FIFA 2005.
FIFA 05 has good gfx but game play suxx!
..:: peace ::..


the last good EA FIFA release was FIFA 2002 and FIFA worldcup 2002.
That version had ease of play, good graphics and nice sound.
FIFA 2003 was cartoonish, player model looked weird when running.
Same with 2004.
PES series is its own class.


:D Glad to see some good ol FIFA bashing going on..
I bought Fifa 2005(pirated of course) just to try and oohhh it S**KS
I cudnt find PES4 but i was gonna buy original anyways..where is it available in Bombay?


:D Yeah..i used to like FIFA a lot before i got my hands on pes3...
Bt i still make kits for FIFA ...so i help in making the game better graphically..for guys who r still playing it :p


In the zone
Well Siddhesh, scoring in FIFA 2005 is indeed a very tough task. As the saying goes practice makes man perfect. Anyways to excel in FIFA 2005 you need to rely heavily on passing and always keep an eye on the power of the shot when you get close to the net. Good passing is the key to win. Always try to use the best possible strategy. Every team has got some key strikers. Every team has a different best strategy. So choose the best strategy to suit your playing style. You like to get in the middle of the field and charge towards the net then get a strategy which deploys more men in middle of the field. Or if you enjoying going on the sides and then give a lob shot for a striker to strike a header in the goal then use a well spread out field with more players on the sidelines. So mate practice and you will surely win some matches. So then HAPPY GOAL-ing


Broken In
Hey Rohit,

Thankx a lot! Using your tips I scored my first goal. But after that I didn't score at all. Practise is the keyword as you mentioned. ManU fan supporter are you?

Have a nice day! Bye.
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