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Fellow let me tell you one thing that this will not go forever. What have I understood form your post is you are just afraid of failure. Fear of failure is the biggest cause of failure in one's life. Another thing will be very useful in this regard that no one can motivate you best but you are. Just concentrate on your exams and focus on what you have learned so that you may know what you need to learn more. Do not feel anxious and be confident what you know.


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Wow, I didn't even see the date. Yeah, we are still here. What about you? How are you feeling now?
Compared to what i was feeling back then i am feeling way better hehe. But yeah there are newer things to worry about now. Once in a while i do regret making some of the decision of the past but yeah we all do mistakes. One thing i have learnt is there will be always somethings or the other to be worried about. But worrying about things dont really help much. Mostly it affects and even make the things bad for us.


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Do you have any advice for a guy with 24 arrears? (Till 3rd year)
Would clear them. Maybe 3 per and 5 in the summer semester. I really won't recommend the prospect of dropping out, especially after 3 years.

Otherwise, IGNOU or similar institute definitely is an option if you feel you can work better there.

Also, How many subjects did you have in 3 years to get 24 arrears in(if you don't mind) ?

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We have 6 per sem, so 34 subjects till the 6th semester.
Need to complete the course within a 6 year time period, and I'm already in the 5th year plus I have to worry about my 7th and 8th sem.
So in conclusion I have to clear 24+6+4 subjects over the next 4 semesters. (WE can only write even/odd sem arrears on respective semesters.

Which year are you in currently?Have you completed 4 years and having arrears left?

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I would also worry about your choice of stream because this many arrears/backlogs indicate no interest/weak foundation in computer science stream. Maybe start preparing for govt jobs exams(if your 10th/12th class maths is good) or something not related to your stream.
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