External GPU for laptops


Talk to the hand!!!
1. Hard to find
2. Expensive
3. Underperforming compared to PCI-E

So, no. Totally not worth it!


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1. Hard to find --Not so hard. True in India though.
2. Expensive -- As far as gaming laptop goes with dGPU soldered in chip, they already are expensive, having a dock with a serious upgrade path laid down actually justifies the extra greens.
3. Underperforming compared to PCI-E --NOT TRUE at all

I quote from Anandtech

MSI GS30 Shadow.

If you’re curious how MSI is interfacing with all of these extra devices and whether there will be sufficient bandwidth, the answer is that the dock uses a full x16 PCIe 3.0 based connector. That means not only is there plenty of bandwidth, but the discrete GPU will also be able to run at maximum performance.

Read full at : MSI Announces GS30 Shadow Laptop and GPU Expansion Dock


Talk to the hand!!!
I was talking specifically about the USB adaptor. Having to pay the extra bucks but still not being able to get full potential performance is not worth the price and effort.

If they provide an interface which makes full use of the PCI-E bus with minimum bottleneck then its good.

Even then, the extra components needed to carry around defeat the purpose of a gaming laptop i.e. portability.

EDIT: My bad!!:oops: It does have a PCI-E interface. :oops:

Still looking at the product reviews, many people faced problems with it. Also that is not available here in India yet. So yes, they are still not worth it. :)
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