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Cyborg Agent
Came across this game, and it looks really cool, with a totally unique combat system. THere are no animations, just physics based movements! Things that affect damage : how fast your weapon is moving, body position, part of the weapon that hits etc.
Exanima on Steam

This game features a very deep, truly physics based combat system. This is not just some animation feature, it is a fundamental difference that is central to gameplay. Real momentum, forces and collisions are always at play here, every nuance of your inputs is crucial to the outcome. This will likely be unlike anything you've played before and may take some practice, but can be hugely rewarding and the skill cap is virtually infinite. It is not particularly fast paced or difficult but it does require you to pay attention, it is very tactical and just casually pressing buttons won't get you very far!

Explanation video:


Cyborg Agent
Mini review after playing for 10-15 days for the game combat system.

Rules are simple, only a few keys. But its a very Hard game. Satisfying. Physics based combat is actually unique and works really well. Melee fighting simulator.
Controls are precise. However arrow keys move player wrt to the player and not the screen, this can/will be unsettling in the beginning, but crucial for the game. Didn't take long to get used to it.

Example: double click for an overhead attack. You can duck to increase speed of swing. But like the real world the effectiveness will depend when you duck. When the weapon is over the head is the ideal time. Any later or sooner reduces the power.

Combat is not a combination of keys to press, nor the goal to merely get in enemy's body range and then hit. Aim is to swing the weapon with the right body movement to generate power at the right distance to hit the enemy with the most effective part of the weapon. Axe damage is low if hit from wooden portion. Can also target hitting area to an extent. leap to right and hit enemy in the back. Leap to left and hit away from the shield. Height targeting maybe iffy, its hard to get right. Youtube shows some pros targeting unarmored thighs consistently.

Game good to play for a quick 10 minutes.

VERDICT: I love it. See myself coming back to it for a long time. Devs are developing a full RPG based on this in future. Hard hard game. NO TUTORIAL. WATCH YOUTUBE TO LEARN. Play in Arena > Practice first.

Some Cons: Requires significant time investment. No multiplayer. Some bugs, in early access for forever. So hard (also a good thing)
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